Monday, February 11, 2008

In The News: Premarital Sex & Divorce cakes

I saw some very upsetting stories on the news today. I am sure to allthe Non-Christian viewers they were cute little stories on enjoyinglife, but to me they were very upsetting. They show and promote themoral downfall of our Country and destroy family and marriage. I planto write ABC.
Divorce Cakes: It seems local Bakers are cashing in on broken homesand destroyed lives. Local bakeries are now offering "divorce cakes"tp "celebrate your freedom" the cakes look like wedding cakes with aplastic bride/groom sawed in half! This is so disturbing and sends anawful message to America's children and youth! I suggest allChristian families boycot bakeries who are promoting this awfulcelebration of the broken home.

Engagment Honeymoon: The hotel industry is cashing in on the sexualsins of Americans. Valentines day is the #1 day to "pop thequestion". Men can now hire a proposla planner. This is now a milliondallar industry. Hotels are getting in on the money byoffering "proposal suites" extremly simular to a honeymoon suite forthe newly engaged couple. This also sends America's youth the messagethat it is ok to have sex before marriage or that it it ok if you are planning to get married! I also suggest all Christian Couples boycot hotels offering this package that promotes premarital sex.

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Anonymous said...

Well, the world is full of things that you can get offended by if you want to. Paying more attention to your own business and worrying less about what other people are up to is a far better way of living. Conservative Christians seem to get put out about anything and everything.