Friday, January 18, 2008

Amazing Cleaner~Cheap, homemade & Natural! Better than Bleach!

I know this is going to sound crazy,But it really does work! Try it!A family member works in the Oil Field and is always covered in gunk. Needless to say the show has a permenent discusting soap scub and gunk stain. I have tried every fancy product on the market to clean this and nothing works.I have been trying to be more "green" and use homemade more natural (and cheaper) cleaners. I use baking soda and Vinigar to clean my toilet bowl and it does wonders. So I had an idea.I wetted the shower and tub a it. I sprinkled baking soda all over it. I poured so vingidar on my sponge and put some in a spray bottle. I added the vinigar to the soda and WOW like magic it ate away all the scum nd gunk! I have never seen the tub so clean! Give it a Try!


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Anonymous said...

neat. i love b.s. and vinegar!