Thursday, January 17, 2008

Home Companion Book

Hi Ladies!
I am now using a home compaion book. This has been a life saver! This keeps me organized and if i am sick it helps keep the home running smooth. I am adding to it all the time!
Here is what I have in it:
1. Weekly Items ( I reprint these each week)
A Weekly Cleaning Chart
Weekly Home Blessing hour Ck List
My to Do list
Grocery & Shopping List
Ck register and Budget sheet
Freezer cooking forms
2. Daily Rountines ( These are in slip covers)
Morning, afternoon, and evening rountines
Weekly Plan
Weekly check list ( Quick overview of housework)
3. Monthly ( this is in a tab with a coby of the months calandar, I bring it to the front each month)
Bill Pay log
Monthly Balance and budget sheets
Monthly pantry and freezer invenory
Monthly home cleaning check list ( I use this to grade my self once a month)
4.Important info
birthday list
biller information
Family health and doctor info
Important accts and other info
Babysitting info
Energenct plans and info
5. Phone numbers and addresses
7. Cleaning Information ( Recipes anf tips ect)
8.Price Book
9. Pockets
Bills to pay
Paid Bills
Envelopes, stamps, ect.
10. Copy of Diet ( I have migraines and have to follow a strict diet)

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