Wednesday, January 16, 2008

More Mary less Martha: Part II

Why Once a month Cooking?
Ministry.Imagine the possibilities. My favorite reason to use freezer cooking is ministry. Now I know you are thinking "How on earth is freezer cooking a ministry?" Simple. You have food on hand when you need it packaged and ready to help others. Imagine... You hear word of a new mother in the church under bed rest, you have an extra lasagna and spaghetti in the freezer. You can take it right over. All her family needs to do is heat and enjoy! What a great alternative to taking them junk and processed foods! With freezer cooking two batches is a easy as one. You can easily make extras of all your best recipes to take to the elderly, visiting families to your church, new people in the community or those in need. The possibilities are endless! Does your son or daughter have friends from school who are "latch key kids"? No one is at home in the evenings and afternoon to welcome the children and see that they stay out of trouble. I know you would love to help those children but the idea of after school snacks for all those kids is a scary thought! That is the case no longer. With freezer cooking you can make tons of delicious and nutritious after school snacks. You just take em out of the freezer when needed.
Family. Your family needs healthy tasty foods. In this world of Go, GO Go! Its hard to provide meals in a manner that works for everyone. Freezer cooking is the answer. You know all those "meals" you get at the burger place and pizza you have ordered in because its more convenient when you are in a hurry? You will not have to do that anymore with freezer cooking. You have fast home cooked meals ready for your family. You will have more time to spend with your family and it will be of a higher quality. Your family will be happy and healthier.
Money.We all know that buying in bulk is the cheapest. So why don't we buy it bulk? It goes bad. Not anymore. With freezer cooking and a little planning you can buy in bulk and what is on sale and save your family lots of money. You can give that money to a worthy cause. Best of all you will no longer spend hundred on wasteful convince foods.
How do I get started?
Well, First you need to decide what kind of freezer cook you are.
You can cook once every X. Some times a cook once a month others once every two weeks. I decide based on whats on sale, when we get paid and how much I have in the freezer.
You can double. This is the easiest way to get started. Next time you make you award winning lasagna why not double or triple or quadruple the recipe. It is just as easy to make 4 lasagnas as one and you will have 3 in the freezer ready to heat and eat.
You can also freeze in portion sizes. When we have tons of extra lasagna I freeze it in individual portions. When I am hungry for something for lunch or someone needs a snack or comes home late we have individual size portions ready to heat and eat.
Freezer cooking is just like all those fancy frozen dinners and lunches in the freezer isles at the grocery store. The only difference is freezer cooking is healthy and cheaper.
What have you got to loose?! Try freezer cooking today!

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